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Talking Toys: Action Figure Exclusive #32 – Walrus Man

Yes!!! Jeff is VERY excited this week, folks. He and Taylor are talking about everyone’s favorite amputee, Walrus Man! Anyone who listens to this show regularly knows the story of Jeff’s fondness for this figure, but if you don’t, fear … Continue reading

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Minisode 19 – The Great Gary Unboxing

We have the greatest listeners on the planet, as evidenced by this episode. Taylor & Jeff received a care package from our listener (and friend) Gary, and we decided to unbox it live via Periscope! For those of you who … Continue reading

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Talking Toys: Action Figure Exclusive #31 – Clawful

Jeff loves a good pun. Taylor loves a good pun even more than Jeff. So, as you may expect, they both had a good time this week discussing a PUNderful action figure: Clawful, from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line. … Continue reading

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Episode 40 – Police Academy

Once again, we’re knee-deep in the 1980s. It was a time when a raunchy R-rated comedy could rebrand itself into a family-friendly film franchise, which would then spawn a cartoon, which would then, of course, spawn a toy line. 1984’s … Continue reading

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