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Minisode 17 – Gentle Giant Minis and A Lymbery Mini

In a semi-timely edition of Talking Toys, Taylor and Jeff discuss the latest offering from from Gentle Giant. Far from giant, they’re presenting us with minifigures. First up: Rock ‘n Roll and Snake Eyes from GI Joe. We also discuss … Continue reading

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Action Figure Exclusive #27 – Tri-Klops

What has 3 eyes but still only 1? Come on, TRI to guess….Give up? Ok, I’ll tell you. It’s Tri-Klops! 3 eyes but only uses 1 at a time, but that’s ok, he’s still intimidating and awesome. Taylor and Jeff … Continue reading

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Episode 38 – Computer Warriors

Have you ever wondered “Just how nerdy can this show get?” Well, we may have reached a new level this time. Taylor and Jeff discuss a toy line about toys based on computers. Of course, it was the 80’s, so … Continue reading

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Talking Toys: Action Figure Exclusive #26 – Greedo

Who shot first? It doesn’t matter THIS time, because Taylor and Jeff are just focusing on Greedo, the first bounty hunter introduced in both the Star Wars movies AND Kenner’s toy line. Sure, he doesn’t look EXACTLY like his movie … Continue reading

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