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Episode 26 – Robocop

Jeff REALLY misses the 80s. Big hair, shoulder pads, synthesizers, neon, and cartoons based on hyperviolent movies. And the toys that went with those cartoons. Kenner was in fine form when they gave us Robocop and the Ultra Police. Were … Continue reading

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Today’s Toy Run Episode 1 – Talking Toys with Taylor & Jeff

Eventually you guys will get tired of listening to us, but until that day, here’s more!!! Taylor and Jeff went on a vintage toy run today and felt compelled to share their haul with you, their dear listeners. Here’s one … Continue reading

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Special Edition – Uncanny Day author Cory Clubb

Hey! You guys! Jeff read a book! And it was awesome! And he knows the guy who wrote it! So he sat down with the guy who wrote and talked to him about writing it. This week, Jeff interviews Cory … Continue reading

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Talking Toys: Action Figure Exclusive #2 – Luke Skywalker

It’s the next edition of our new spinoff! This time out, we start our journey through the Kenner Star Wars vintage figure line, beginning with Luke Skywalker from 1978. What do Taylor and Jeff think of this figure, which introduced … Continue reading

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Minisode 5 – Top 5 Box Art

Time for another minisode discussion! After our Blackstar ep, Taylor and Jeff were so impressed with the box art for the line that they decided to dedicate an entire minisode to their favorite box art. They’re glad you don’t think … Continue reading

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